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Melissa R. Montgomery has been practicing law since 2003, and she understands that child custody and visitation can be a sensitive issue. During this difficult time, Melissa provides legal guidance and navigation through any issues. Child custody and visitation matters are truly unique to your family. Only you, the other parent, and your child or children know what will work best for your situation. Melissa and her team are here to ensure you get through the process as peacefully and agreeably as possible.

Melissa can handle an array of cases, from putting an agreement into writing to cases handling abuse, special needs children, and high conflict. Should an emergency arise after business hours, Melissa and her highly knowledgeable staff are available 24/7 to help address your concerns.

 Understanding Pennsylvania’s Child Custody Law

Pennsylvania’s legislature passed a new law addressing important issues in child custody. The law affects the way a child custody case proceeds through the courts, and it could impact your ability to have contact with your children.

Custody and Criminal Convictions and Behaviors

Courts must consider past criminal offenses of parents who are seeking custody, as well as convictions of any member of either parent’s household, such as new spouses or significant others. Before custody is awarded, a court hearing must be held to determine if the household is safe for the child/children.

Violent crimes like aggravated assault, drug offenses, DUI, child endangerment, and sex crimes are included in the list of offenses considered by the court.

Relocation Considerations

A parent who wants to move away with their child/children has to take a number of steps, especially if the move if out of state or would make it difficult for the other parent to have contact with their child/children. Before the court modifies a custody order, the parent has to fill out forms and provide required information to the court.

At the Law Office of Melissa R. Montgomery, LLC, we are ready to help you navigate the complexities of child custody and visitation. Whether you are a parent or third party such as a grandparent who is seeking parenting time, you can rely on us to work hard to help you achieve your goals.

Pennsylvania Child Custody Laws and Regulations to Note:

  • Home studies may be required
  • Special regulations surround parents with drug, alcohol, or domestic violence problems
  • Custody will rarely be taken away from both parents
  • Being in the military should not affect custody/visitation rights

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At what age can the child decide with whom they want to reside?

Never – it is never solely up to the child, however, the older they are the more their opinion is given consideration and weight to the Court.


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In a dark and foggy time going through this custody battle, I have been lead by a professional. She understood my situation with my son and battled for our son-father relationship. We are still in the battle. Even now we have had some curve balls thrown from the opposite party, but she never faltered. She has included me in all the arguments and knowledge that has come to pass in this case. I would be lost and frustrated in this vast legal system without her. All her suggestions have worked in our favor. I trust this attorney and continue to feed her information to help my case as it comes. This is a long battle and I know she will have my back. She always responds and follows through on what she says, and I am glad I finally have someone I can trust.


I originally hired Melissa for a relocation hearing. I gave her all the vital information she needed to prepare for my case. She did exactly what I wanted and gave me some good information along the way. Melissa does well in court and adjusts to the ever changing environment in the court room. Melissa is more affordable than other lawyers, yet she is worth every penny. Melissa is very accessible whether it be phone calls, emails, or in office appointments. She is quick to respond to any questions that may arise. She even contacts you after business hours to calm your concerns. A friend recommended Melissa to me and I would recommend Melissa to anyone who needed a good lawyer. Like I said in the beginning, I hired Melissa for a relocation hearing. I ended in an emergency custody hearing and I am now filing a modification to my custody agreement. I am satisfied with the results and I credit that to Melissa’s hard work.

client, Lancaster, PA


Melissa is an extremely competent attorney who takes the time to make sure you as a client are comfortable. I could not be more happy with her representation, or our final outcome.

Brett D., Lancaster, PA


If anyone ever needs this type of service, this is who you should talk with. Melissa is very intelligent, very thorough, personable, kind. Everything you could ask for and more to help you through many of life’s circumstances, plannings, or challenges!!! She is your personal “Dream Team!!!”

Bob M.