Child & Spousal Support

Pennsylvania Child and Spousal Support Attorney

At Melissa R. Montgomery, LLC, we’re here to help you with child support debt assistance, child and spousal support enforcement, aid for non-custodial parents, and assistance with delinquent support payments. We can assist in the process from start to finish and can offer estimates for how much you may pay or receive, as well as provide information as to what the courts consider when looking into child and spousal support cases. Child and spousal support payments are determined by income levels, health insurances, child care costs, and other factors that may be specific to your case. So give us a call and we can start you on the process of making sure you and your children and receiving the benefits you deserve!

Still have questions? Check out our handy child and spousal support FAQs or give us a call!

How long does someone have to pay spousal support?

This is unique to each case. Multiple factors are taken into considerations. Contact Melissa R. Montgomery for additional details.

How long does child support last? 

A party could receive child support until the child reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later.

What kind of special cases has Melissa R. Montgomery, LLC handled in regard to child and spousal support? 

We have handled cases with high income, with a party that is self-employed, and cases where there is proof of income required to ensure no income is being withheld or unemployment is a choice.

What if my child support payments are not made?

In some instances, a parent who is ordered to  pay child support may hide income or remain underemployed by choice. If this is your situation, contact Melissa right away to have your support case re-examined.


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